Homemade Refried Beans

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I’m a little bit embarrassed. I’ve regularly purchased canned or freeze dried refried beans for years. Of course I knew on a high level that refried beans weren’t hard to make, but I still had a mental block that it was an added step on the way to tacos that I didn’t need to take. […]

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Fresh Vegetable Pasta

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I’m guest posting over at Food for my Family today! This versatile vegetable pasta is quick and easy for any night of the week, and you can simply leave the pulled chicken out if you’re keen to have it for Meatless Monday. Go give Shaina some love and check out my guest post!

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Virtual Baby Shower: Raspberry Lemon Fruit Dip

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I’m so so SO very excited for today’s post because I get to tell you all about my lovely friend, Jen from My Kitchen Addiction. Jen is a generous, loving soul from sun up to sun down. Every week she’s baking something new for her family, her church, or the neighbors down the road having […]

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Giveaway: How to Cook Without a Book Meatless Meals

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Today marks a week of cookbook giveaways on Bluebonnets & Brownies. Just in time for holiday gift giving, the three books I’ll share with you are all books I’m giving to friends this holiday season. Check back on Wednesday and Friday for two more fabulous cookbooks! I’m starting the week off with Pam Anderson’s newest […]

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Maple Cornbread

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Is there anything better along-side some good barbecue or beef stew than a thick slab of warm cornbread, slathered with fresh butter? I’m going to guess the only thing might just be this maple cornbread. I’ve been on a bit of a maple kick in recent weeks, well, a) because I am SO ready for […]

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Prickly Pear Raspados & a Giveaway

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Time for another Tex-Mex lesson! What’s a raspado? Quite simply, a snow cone. But raspados are different in that they have more exotic flavors. Some of the most popular in South Texas include Strawberry Horchata, Lechera (sweetened condensed milk), Watermelon, Tamarind, and Plum. But by far, my favorite? Prickly Pear and Lime. You can pretty […]

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Blog and Bake – Savory Tomato Pie

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I’m going to preface this recipe with a little story about pie crust, to start. I’ve long had pie crust anxiety. It was only made worse when last year when I went home to San Antonio for a visit. Before I’d even begun packing, I’d asked my Nan if she would teach me , really […]

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Cucumber Tomato Salad

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Y’all, are you aware that Memorial Day is next weekend? I honestly can’t believe it, myself. This year has just *flown* by, and the only reason I can really accept that it’s actually Memorial Day weekend coming up is that The Brit and I are going to Florida Keys for five glorious days. It’s our […]

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Mini Fruit Pizza for Amanda’s Baby Shower

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Two of the best things about baby showers: teeny tiny adorable white fluffy baby socks and FOOD. I don\’t know what it is about the socks. I just melt when I see them. Sure, onesies and bibs with tongue-in-cheek phrases are adorable, but they\’ve got nothing on the socks. Just thinking about the teeny tiny feets that will go in those teeny tiny socks makes me squee like a 14 year old at a Justin Beiber concert.

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Roasted Parsnips and Carrots with Rosemary & Honey

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I have a confession to make. I had never in my life tasted a parsnip until I moved to England in 2004. I’m kind of ashamed of that, because they are the most wonderful of vegetables, and now one of my favorites. Parsnips just aren’t easily found in Texas, for some reason. My nephew, and Rachael Ray, call them “spicy carrots” – not hot spicy, they just have some pronounced flavor.

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