Take a Tea Quiz and Win!

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Today we’re doing something a little differently here on B&B, simply because I LOVE Leap Day. A whole extra 24 hours? All year long we wish for more time. Well, people, THIS is it! If you follow along here regularly, you know that I am a Keurig K-Cup ambassador, and the official recipe developer for […]

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Giveaway: Jacob Bromwell Grater Set

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There are certain tools in my kitchen that I cherish. I use them every day, in multiple ways, and they mean even more to me because they’re heritage pieces. Pieces that I inherited from Nanny or my mom, things that I grew up using. I’ve spoken before about my favorite ice cream scoop, a scoop […]

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Marinara Sauce for Pizza & a Giveaway

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Would you believe that even after working in three different pizza restaurants during my early working days, I had never made my own sauce? It seems a bit silly to me, now. But my mom was always an in-jar pizza & pasta sauce buyer, and I never questioned it. It was only when I moved […]

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Southern Pecan Milkshakes & a Giveaway

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When I was a kid, my dad was the king of two things: hamburgers and milkshakes. My dad could eat a hamburger for every meal of the day. And he could quite happily drink a vanilla milkshake every day too. (Not that my mother would ever let him.) The other day, James and I received […]

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Green Mountain Coffee Giveaway

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Today, Green Mountain Coffee is featuring my recipe for Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee Pound Cake with Blueberry Coffee White Chocolate drizzle sauce. It’s a mouthful in more than one way, and OH so delicious.

Would you like to win Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee to go in the recipe?

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Spices are important to cooking. If I\’m honest, when I think about cooking, the addition of spice is really what makes cooking an art and not just burning hunks of meat and vegetable over flame.

Knowing where your spices come from is important. You wouldn\’t believe how different Cinnamon from Vietnam is to Cinnamon from China. Knowing the different flavor profiles can allow you to be a better cook, and create exotically delicious baked goods.

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I’m a Bad Texan

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Y’all, I’m a bad Texan.

March 2nd was the 175th Anniversary of Texas Independence Day, and there was not one mention of this by me, anywhere on the Internets. I had plans, OH I had big plans to talk about it extensively. And then March 2nd came and went, and I confess: I forgot. I plain ol’ forgot what date it was (a hazard of working from home), and not a word was said.

What would I have told you about? I’d have told you that Texas has some of the greenest national parks, some of the most beautiful rivers in the United States. That when you envision Texas, if you envision dust and dry desert, you’ve got it wrong (until you get to West Texas, at least).


Sam Houston (a Texan hero, legend, and its first president) once said:

“Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has ever blessed my vision”


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Thanksgiving Turkey, Fried edition – and a giveaway!

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Deep fried turkey is pretty delicious. But I know what you’re thinking – you’re pretty dern skeerred of turkey frying. Don’t be. Just stick with me, okay? I have great memories of frying a turkey in the backyard at my Nanny and Gaga’s. The men all standing around a great big pot of boiling oil, […]

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Pumpkin Spice Bites & a Giveaway!

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Do you love pumpkin? Of course you do! (Well, unless you’re Annie from With Sprinkles On Top.) I love pumpkin so much, I’d marry it if I were a polygamist. Too much? Way back in August (sheesh, way back? waaah!), when I went to the Big Summer Potluck, I got to meet Abby Dodge, who […]

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