Dark Chocolate Coffee Brownies & Giveaway!

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Dark Chocolate Coffee Brownies are any coffee lover’s dream. The marriage of coffee and chocolate couldn’t be more solid or romantic. I’m a big fan of all things chocolate and all things coffee. Combine them and I’m head over heels – you only need to look at my very favorite cake of all time, Chocolate […]

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Mocha Malt Shakes

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Mocha Malt Shakes are the answer to any malt lover’s craving. In our house, these are a new favorite. There’s not a thing with malt in it that my husband doesn’t love. From beer to Vimto, a sort of concentrated liquid Kool-Aid made from real juice (and found only in England and India), if it’s […]

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S’Mores French Toast

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S’mores French toast is a crazy decadent way to start your weekend. Luckily, it’s also crazy easy. Golden Grahams is easily in my top 3 cereals of all time. Right up there with Pops and Cookie Crisp. In fact, I just had to stop writing and go have a bowl, that’s how much I love […]

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Chocolate Chai Pound Cake with Chai Cream Cheese Frosting

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I’ve been seeing chocolate chai everywhere these days. It started at Starbucks, with their Chocolate Chai Latte, and then it started popping up all over the blogosphere. Christina’s Chocolate Chai Donuts, for example. This Chocolate Chai Pound Cake grew out of my obsession with all those beautiful spices, and tea. Anyone who knows me knows […]

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Pretzel Peppermint Bark Bites

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Pretzel Peppermint Bark Bites take just minutes to make. Good thing, because they disappear just as quickly! I know I’m not the only one seduced every. single. time. by Target’s seasonal aisle. Right? I always troll that little area for holiday versions of my favorite chocolates and candies, or new seasonal flavor versions of them. […]

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Mexican Chocolate Brownies

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Did you know that today is National Brownie Day? What better way to celebrate such a delicious day than Mexican Chocolate Brownies? After several years of a lapsed subscription, my nephew’s school fundraiser has me receiving People Magazine on a weekly basis again. Believe it or not, I like getting People for the less celebrity-driven […]

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Double Black Diamond Pudding Pie & Giveaway

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Dear Internet: I have made a refrigerator pie to end all refrigerator pies. Meet Double Black Diamond Pudding Pie. Layers of Newman’s Own chocolate sandwich cookies soaked in dark and dangerous coffee, rich chocolate pudding made with more of that coffee, and luscious whipped cream are topped with dark and milk chocolate chips. When left […]

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Chocolate Party Love

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Hey y’all. If you’ve read B&B for any length of time, you know just how much my grandparents mean to me. Today my pal Roxana is featuring my Gaga’s Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe on her blog, Roxana’s Home Baking, as part of her annual Chocolate Party. Visit her blog to enter her Chocolate Party for […]

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The Real Kettle Chips Shortbread Bars

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If you know me in person, it’s no secret that I have a serious snack addiction. I have a sweet tooth too, I think that much is obvious if you read my blog, but nine times out of ten, if you offer me salty potato chips or a bowl of ice cream, I’m going to […]

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Team Green No Longer!

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When you become pregnant, you learn all sorts of vernacular you might never have been privy to otherwise. For example, did you know that when parents choose not to find out the baby’s gender via sonogram, they’ve officially joined Team Green? Yeah, me neither. But, you learn something new every day. The Brit and I […]

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