Garlic Beer Bread

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You’ve had beer bread before, right? This mind-blowingly simple recipe means you can have fresh baked bread to go along with your favorite chili, soup, or stew in the same time it takes to make them. Yeasty flavors develop without the need to rise because they’ve already fermented in the beer. Genius. If you’ve read […]

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Vermont Country Blend Cranberry Maple Bread & Giveaway

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Aren’t you so glad it’s fall? I love diving straight into all the flavors we associate with fall – pumpkin, maple, ginger. Warm and toasty flavors that make you feel cozy and comforted when the weather turns crisp. That’s one of the reasons I love Vermont so much – Fall is basically the season that […]

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Quick Buttermilk Biscuits

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Mmm, biscuits! Flaky, buttery, savory and delicious. If you’d like the deets on this Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe, visit Food Fanatic today!

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Mini Mango Hazelnut Cardamom Bread

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Raise your hand if you love mangoes, but they’ve always intimidated you! Up until a few weeks ago, I would have raised my hand. Every time I’ve had mango in a restaurant, I’ve loved it to bits. But I always passed it over in the supermarket – a funny foreign ingredient that I’d never use […]

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Mini Banana Toffee Walnut Bread

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Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of the desperate need not to waste food. Sure, I could throw those bananas in the freezer, but there they would languish, forgotten, until they become freezer burnt beyond all recognition. As I was baking up treats for the Great American Bake Sale I looked around my kitchen and […]

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Fresh Strawberry Kefir Scones with Orange Glaze

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I’m not much one for pressuring other people in the grocery store about what to buy. Over the years, I’ve become more informed about where my food comes from, and that leads me to make choices that may be different from mainstream America. Occasionally, I’ve been accused by my midwestern brother-in-law for being a food […]

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Nuts & Bolts: Bread Baking Essentials

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Today we’re talking nuts and bolts. The essential tools and tricks that I’ve found make a certain kitchen task easier, or that ensure the desired results, every time. We spent last weekend in Washington, D.C. with family. It was a whole lotta fun, both sight-seeing in our nation’s capital and getting to know family that […]

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High Rising Sandwich Bread

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This is probably one of the hardest posts I will ever write. I had planned to post the recipe for this High Rising Sandwich Bread on Sunday. But at 4 a.m., we received a call from my parents that my beloved Nanny had passed away. I spent most of Sunday in a fog. I know […]

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‘Ohana Breakfast Bread

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge Disney enthusiast, or as my friend Amanda Tinney says, I’m simply a “Disney Peep”. One of my favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World is located at the Polynesian Resort, or as us Disney veterans refer to it as, “The Poly”. The Polynesian was created to pay homage to […]

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Irish Soda Bread.. maybe?

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I’m going to admit something to you now: This post is having a total identity crisis. It seemed simple enough. It’s March (p.s. how the hell is it MARCH?), which means St. Patrick’s Day. It means lots of Irish themed food, like Irish Soda Bread, will start popping up in the grocery store, the blogs, and restaurants. And let’s face it: no one’s going to pass up an excuse to drink copious amounts of green beer and eat Guinness Stew.

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