Q: Who are you?
A: See the About Me section.

Q: Why Tex-Mex & Southern food?
A: I grew up in Texas, the daughter of a daughter of a Mid-Western woman. My grandmother’s family were ranchers. We have deep roots to all things Southern and Western (which are often confused and conflicted).

Q: Why do you sometimes post metric measurements?
A: Many of my dear friends live across the pond, in England and Europe. This is a hazard of marrying a Brit and living there for several years. They frequent this site, and I am ALL for spreading the Tex-Mex love.

Q: What sort of camera do you use?
A: A Canon Rebel T3. It’s awesome. I don’t know anything about all the settings yet. But I love the quality of the photos it takes by this novice just pressing a few buttons.

I also use Photoshop CS3 to edit lighting, resize and sometimes add borders if I’m feeling like it.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: You mean when I’m not writing for this blog, or working full time? Absolutely I do. I love to read. I recently bought a Kindle, and currently have about 9 books on the go, ranging from Twilight (for the 4th time) to Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. I also LOVE to play The Sims 2.

Q: Does anyone else post on this site?
A: Why yes, they do! My husband, James, likes to post British recipes sometimes, and my friend Cerys posted her tomatillo salsa recipe. I’ve also had a few food blogging friends guest post along the way. If you’d like to guest post, send me an email. We’ll have to chat for a while before I’d consider handing you the wheel, but I’m open.

Q: What are you going to school for?
A: I recently graduated from Ashford University, and I loved going to school with them. My degree is in Social Sciences with concentration in Education. With this, I hope to one day own a preschool. I have worked with children since I was 14 years old, when I nannied in the summers. Early childhood education is a passion for me, just like cooking. I love helping tiny ones form their first ideas.

Q: Do you still work for Travelocity?
A: Travelocity and I parted ways in Jan 2012. I still can’t say enough about Travelocity as a company. I worked there for twelve years, and I can honestly say that they’re the best team in travel. I recently started working for Silver Tail Systems and I could not possibly be happier about that!

Q: What’s the deal with people from New Jersey always referencing exit numbers?
A: Dude, your guess is as good as mine. It always makes me feel really awkward when someone says to me ‘I’m from blah blah blah, exit 192..”, like I’m supposed to know where that is. This girl is from Texas, and doesn’t even know her exit number THERE!

Q: Do you do reviews, giveaways, etc?
A: I’m happy to review a cookbook or give away a cookbook, if I’ve read and used it myself. You are welcome to send Bluebonnets & Brownies products for review, but I will always post my opinions on this blog with 100% honesty. If someone sends me a product to review and I have a bad experience, I’ll be honest about it. Or I simply won’t post the review.

Like my Nanny always said: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Send me some more!

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