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by Amber on March 11, 2013

This weekend I got a hankering for some muffins. Fluffy, filled with fruit and spices, and exactly the kind of breakfast to make me smile all week long. Strawberry Clementine Muffins were born.

Last year, James and I went to Nashville for my cousin David’s wedding. I was dying to visit the famous Loveless Cafe, but we just couldn’t fit it into our uber-packed pseudo-family-reunion weekend. So, I did what any cookbook addict would do – I picked up the Loveless Cafe Cookbook from the airport gift shop!

While the original recipe calls only for strawberries, I’ve got an entire box of Cuties taking up space on my countertop. I love to eat them, but I’ve also been looking for ways to use them in cooking. Why not throw them into a muffin?

I’m pretty sure we should all be doing this from now on, because whoa. Not only do Clementines add a fabulous tang, these are perfectly moist muffins. Chunks of fruit stud the batter, making every bite more delicious than the last.

These Strawberry Clementine Muffins are sure to make your morning commute happier, I promise. Try ‘em on for size.

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