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by Amber on November 9, 2011

I don’t really remember the first time I had a Biscoff biscuit clearly. I know it was on a Delta flight, but where or whence I’d come or gone I’ve long since forgotten.

That happens when you spend two years in a long distance relationship plus work travel, I think. The flights start to blur together, the checkpoints and passport stamps seem blasé.

Sitting here now, working from home, having not traveled abroad since last October, no flights anywhere since May – well, I think maybe I was a bit spoiled back then! Biscoff cookies, though, they take me back to that time.

To the flights and the longing for my guy on the other side of the world, and of having so many adventures together. Kinda fun, right?

Not long ago I posted a recipe for Biscoff Bites using Biscoff Spread. When I posted it to my facebook page, some lovely person (I wish I could say exactly whom – FB won’t let me go back that far in posts) linked me to a recipe for the original cookies.

The original post appears on Mum in Bloom, a blog written by Sarah, but I don’t think it was Sarah that left the comment. Regardless, my thanks to both Sarah and that commenter for pointing me at these delicious little homemade morsels of WIN!

The homemade Biscoff Cookies are wonderful soft and hot out of the oven, but if you allow them to cool for at least an hour, you get the crispness you expect from the store-bought cookies.

The dough is very similar to a shortbread. When Sarah blogged them, she baked them in a casserole dish and ended up with a rather thick cookie, which I imagine had a very shortbread like texture.

But I love the thin, crunchy, melt in your mouth texture of store-bought Biscoffs as much as their brown-sugar-cinnamon flavor, so I rolled the cookies out like pastry dough and used a small biscuit cutter to make perfect little crunchy disks.

Make sure the dough is nice and thin – no more than 1/4″, so that you get a crispy cookie.

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