Easy Chicken and Dumplings

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by Amber on August 31, 2011

Everyone has their favorite chicken and dumplings recipe. I’ve even blogged about what I thought was mine.

But the other night, come 5:30, I was struggling with dinner ideas when an intense craving for chicken and dumplings hit me. With the nearest Cracker Barrel over an hour away, waiting for The Brit to get home and then making that trek was just not an option.

But that craving would not abate – so I started simple and quick, with organic chicken stock in a box. Then, I simply let my hands, and my gut, take over.

There are surprisingly few ingredients in this recipe, and when it was cooking, I just prayed it would be a serviceable dinner.

Instead, my friends, it was the most perfect version of chicken and dumplings I’ve ever made. No one was more shocked than me, I assure you.

The soup was ready to go in under a an hour, and I just let it simmer until The Brit got home from work, making and adding the dumplings just before we were ready to eat.

Fall is here on the East Coast – I feel more ready than every with soup like this in my weeknight repertoire.

What are you most looking forward to cooking this Autumn?

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