Strawberry Heart Cake

Strawberry Heart Cake

by Amber on January 24, 2011

Okay, so Strawberry Heart Cake isn’t the most complicated of things to make. But I can’t claim to be the world’s best cake decorator. That title can be battled out between my friends Amanda and Kristan. But maybe you’re like me. You wish you could make the beautiful things those talented women make. Plus, I think we can all agree strawberry cake can overcome a lot of homeliness.

That’s where I am with this cake. I made it, I covered it (and myself) in red and pink frosting and about a gazillion sprinkles. It’s homely as all get out. But it tastes phenomenal, and my husband really liked it and thought it was sweet. That’s all this girl can ask for, really.

When I was little, I had this best friend, named Sara. Her mom was really great at all sorts of crafty baking things. And she made Sara this heart cake for her birthday in August. I was so beyond in love with it, and just a little bit jealous of her! My mom didn’t know how to make a heart shaped cake, and I have a February birthday. Shouldn’t the mom of the February kid know how to make all heart shaped confectionery?

Luckily, Sara’s mom was the giving type, and gave my mom the method. And it’s kind of a forehead slapper once you know how easily it’s done.

The cake in the photo has two layers: the strawberry cake recipe that’s below, and a vanilla white cake. Keep in mind that this is a LOT of cake. It’s the equivalent of 2 two layer cakes. So it’s perfect for a birthday party or Valentine’s Day party. But it is just as beautiful in one layer if you’re thinking of it as just a Valentine’s Day treat for your family.

Have you ever had a heart-shaped cake?

strawberry heart cake

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