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by Amber on September 28, 2009

Tortilla Soup is quite famous throughout San Antonio, as the cure to many ills, from a common cold to a terrible hangover. Probably one of the best restaurants to get it from in SA is Jim’s Restaurant. In fact, the coffee shop is kinda famous for it.

Last time James and I were home, my sister’s best friend, Vickie, was nice enough to invite us over to a party at her new house. My sister met Vickie when she started her new job.

I haven’t been able to spend much time with Vickie because we live so far away. But any time I’ve spent time with her, I’m struck by how light and sweet she is, despite working in one of the hardest careers I know of: nursing.

At her party, she served this tortilla soup. It’s easily the best tortilla soup I’ve ever had. And it was exactly what James and I needed tonight, when we’re having horrible weather in New Jersey, and it’s cold, and we’ve both had long days. This soup has been in the slow cooker since 10 o’clock this morning, and wafting delicious smells through my house every since.

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It is delicious and warm and exactly what you need on a cold Autumn evening.

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